Category: Malay, Movie
X Janda-Jandaku Gangster (2012)

Hafiz is an unlucky guy when it comes to love. When he was a teenager, he was caught in a compromising position with a tomboyish girl, which resulted in his marriage to her. Unfortunately, after an incident with Hafiz’s mother, Hafiz was forced to divorce her, and go into marry a woman of his parents’ choosing. At first, Hafiz is elated to marry a woman who would do his every bidding, but eventually he becomes frustrated with his robotic wife. His third marriage is to a rich and stuck-up girl named Sophie. But when Sophie finds out about Hafiz previous marriages, she breaks it off with him. Hafiz then finds a fourth wife named Wanda, a wild, sexy girl. However Hafiz cannot stand her dirty and messy habits and so marries Ziana, a bossy and controlling lady who then also becomes his divorcee. When Hafiz finally despairs of ever meeting the right woman, he meets Arisa, a part-time model. But when his five wives are out to make sure that Arisa does not end up like them, what will Hafiz do?

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