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Twilight (2008)

A teenage girl risks everything when she falls in love with a vampire.


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  1. Pamela

    It doesn’t play. Can you PLEASE fix it. I can’t see any of the movies anymore. I don’t know why. It just stopped working. Please fix it

  2. edward crater

    I really like a very awesom good story and bcoz of this i hv bcame fan of edward and bella

  3. Haiii..admin..pls..pls..fix it…Y ..Y..& Y i can’t watching this movie??b4 this is so fine when i open it… plsssssssss fix it…

  4. ali

    I cant watch the movieeeeee

  5. Divergent_Twilight_Fourtris

    No sound… But great hd quality! Also it keeps stopping and yeah

  6. How to download this?

  7. neha

    How to download to this movie. .. soo sweet yanne masst

  8. Adiba

    i just loved the movie veryyyy much

  9. Alice

    This is awsome

  10. Alice

    Is there any new coming or it stopped.

    • Alice

      Pleses reply

    • violet

      Alice… There’s 5 series of movies to this which are twilight(these one) , twilight new moon, twilight eclipse, twilight breaking dawn part 1, and twilight breaking dawn part 2. And they are all in this website enjoyy!

  11. mary

    this movie is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you must to see it!

    • Yunelly

      i did see it

  12. hellz

    this works…..but speed is very slow…it keeps pausing

  13. hellz

    awesome movieee……

  14. gia

    i love this seriese of twilight

  15. Ariana

    I haven’t watch this yet but, is this the full Twilight movie???

  16. Katie Jackson

    uh… it keeps pausing! WTH~!!!

  17. Shahad alotaibi

    How to download this movie?

  18. Water

    Why was he wearing sunglasses even thought it wasn’t sunny?

    • To make sure no one can reconize him

  19. Water

    I don’t get it. Why does she calls her biological father Charlie?

    • She hasent seen him in a while

  20. arebeed

    lol ilike this movie gonna catch for the next movie

  21. mai

    can i know how to download this movie

  22. Fakhrul

    How to download this movie..please

    • Mister mustashe

      I can haz mustashe.