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The Walking Dead Season 2- Episode 10 [18 Miles Out]

Rick and Shane come into conflict over the fate of a prisoner. Andrea helps Hershel’s youngest daughter face a crucial decision.

Khai SH (Uploader)

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  1. Marcus

    Too bad Shane dies later

  2. Shane is an ass*ole ! Ugh I want him to die

  3. Shane needs to die now he does not deserve to live! Someone give me a gun! Pew pew pew pew he’s dead

  4. Nick

    i like Rick, but Shane can die i dont care how but he can. and Randall i hope he will be alive

  5. Col Dude

    awwww i wanted shane to die

  6. didodo

    badass rick :D

  7. Seth

    this is so stupid its takes me 3 hours to watch 40 mins because it won’t load

  8. Richelle Gonzales

    Nice website^_^ Thank you for this interesting show;) God bless all.

  9. .-.

    This is cool that you don’t heave to do a survey to watch this :D