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The Walking Dead (2010) Season 1 – Episode 5

Wildfire - Rick tries to make contact with Morgan to tell him his location. Back at camp, after the fight with the zombies, Jim has been bitten and is slowly beginning to change; Andrea mourns over Amy’s death; and Shane blames it all on Rick for leaving. Now that camp isn’t safe anymore, Rick decides that it’s time for them all to move out. He plans to take them to the C.D.C., a military base, to find a cure for Jim and, hopefully, more survivors.

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  1. khalid ali

    very nice movie

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  3. Kat

    Why is it not working it keeps saying ‘this video is currently unavailable’

  4. arrowfan99

    where the fuck is the rest of the episode…..

    • Nigga

      It’s called a sereis