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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

As a string of mysterious killings grips Seattle, Bella, whose high school graduation is fast approaching, is forced to choose between her love for vampire Edward and her friendship with werewolf Jacob.


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  1. anu

    this movie is awesome i love it likre anything I am bitten by the twilight series

  2. This movie is so cool & romantic u know.. so i want to watch Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn

    #MalaysianBoys =)

  3. Tanu

    It was just 5days back when I decided to watch twilight series and now I understand y all of my friends were crazy about this movie…now even m like them…I feel lik I got bitten by twilight series and became like other fans here:) lovely movie:-)

  4. alina

    i like this movie but it’s complicated to choose jacob or edward …
    bella loves edward and jacob love her …it’s really filled with complications..but all over it is lovely …i loved it…

  5. its cute how jacob had to hug bella to keep her from freezing and if i was her id choose edward but edward is mine and i will crush anyone stands near him so if anyone has bella’s number tell her to stay away from edward

  6. Best movies ever I so heart Edward he is the cutest one in the movie

  7. shade

    how do you choose Edward OR Jacob

  8. Person

    It’s not working.

  9. Hi, my name is Dasha and I am from Ukrain) film is wonderful! Can I find here a penfriend?)

    • sasha

      hi dasha i am sasha our ames rhymes i want to be your penfriend i am from macedonia… wait from you back…

    • Graceson

      Hi how r u? Like to be ur friend

    • hi, dasha . i’m nurul from malaysia and i also like to be your penfriend

    • serena

      Hi there ^^

  10. Jessi

    Omg this movie is awesome. i have seen it so many times but i still love it!! <3 Is it just me or is Bella really awkward?? and Jacob sooo hot!!

  11. teamjacob

    I would of chose jacob hes cutter

  12. Water

    Edward was so desperate to marry her why? Bella is like 20 on this and she is engaged. He didn’t even bought a ring for her. If was her I would choose Jacob. Anyway Bella isn’t even in university yet

    • Georgielou

      Bella is still 17 in this one. So is edward.

      • Jojo

        Bella had her 18th birthday in the last movie. She is not 17.

  13. Moriam

    Jacob should reall fuck off

    • Water

      How about Jacob did the right thing and now I’m not going to watch Breaking Dawn.

  14. HI


  15. lyk

    although edward and jacob has their rivalry, when it comes to bella they could fight as one to save their one and only love :)) another thing im laughing while im watching those scence where jacob needs to hug bella to prevent her being froze i like this movie :D

  16. lyk

    although edward and jacob has their rivalry, when it comes to bella they could fight as one to save their one and only love :)) i like this movie :D

  17. HI