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Setia Hujung Nyawa (2013)- Episode 19

Bride run away? Zain Hakimi curious. One should replace flippantly for the dignity of the family. Datin Adibah find prospective son-field chaotic plunge. Kala saw Ersalina Imani, directly linked heart. The girl quickly approached. Haliza accepted the proposal to the girl for some reason. Also in order to save the family’s honor. Ersalina had willingly. She married Zain who do not love her. However, the status of the wife who is not a little fruitful love. Zain try to inculcate love for the wife. Ersalina too good not to mention attend. Then, overflowing love in my heart. Kala Ersalina intend celebrating love, his wife confirmed pregnant. While he had never touched her. This very deep wound pain. Ersalina allow anger Zain. Her lips were still smiling despite boning wound care. Naturally this sentence accepted as indeed he is guilty. Determination to be faithful in Zain will not scratch whatever happens. He wants loyal to the edge of life.

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