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Sebenarnya Saya Isteri Dia (2013) – Episode 2

Tells love Syafa Aqira with Adryan Farish who left midway. Love is never nurtured since the time of the end overs longer interrupted when Farish determined to break off the relationship because of the dark events that occurred in a ceremony that was attended by both of them. Capital reserves to Farish namely Datin Farizah to marry the younger brother was forced to subside, although he accepted the idea that maybe it does not promise a happy marriage. Everything is beginning little by little changed when good friend and brother, cousin to Cuba for approaching Syafa Farish and Farish first time that he had initially menyedari wife loves it. And when love and love at first present, there are allegations that come our way. Presence stepbrother and step-sister unexpectedly muddying love that first nurtured. But whether they will be re-united in love? What about the story of Farish’s half brother and sister?

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