Category: Movie
Rumah Dara (2009)

Adjie (Ario Bayu) and Astrid (Sigi Wimala) who is expecting her first child’s presence, went with three friends to Bandung. This trip is a last ditch effort Adjie to say goodbye to her sister, Ladya (Julie Estelle). Both of these brothers are not getting along anymore, and tomorrow Adjie must go to Australia to start a new life. Their meeting did not go smoothly at first. Ladya Adjie that a rebel blamed for the tragedy in the past. Upper persuasion Astrid, Ladya relented and drove to the airport hesitate participate. Journey halted when a beautiful woman, Maya (Imelda Therinne), has just confessed to her and robbed. Intend to help, they brought this woman home. Maya got home, they were introduced to an elegant and mysterious woman named Dara (Shareefa Daanish). This is where the intentions are sincere and good intentions into early disaster.

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