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Ruby (2013)- Episode 6

Ruby tells the story of a girl named Syuhara (lakonan Siti Saleha), an orphan who enlarged benevolence lived in the house with two of his best friend namely Anis (Atikah Suhaimi) and Diana (Shima). Once out of the house orphans, three of them worked at a cosmetics plant, Empires Ruby. There, Syuhara acquainted with Benjamin (Sharnaaz Ahmad) who lives with her father, Dato Kamal and greatly loved by her grandmother, Mariam (Kartina Aziz). Ben also has a aunty namely Datin Afifah (Maria Farida) who lives with her ​​daughter, Nadia (Hanez Suraya). Together Datin Afifah and Dato ‘Kamal arrange Empires Ruby. Datin Afifah have the desire to seize Empires. At the same time, Nadia feelings of love for Ben but Ben just to Syuhara heart. Succeed Datin Ruby Afifah seize empire and how goddamn love triangle between Syuhara, Benjamin and Nadia?

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