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Rindu Bertamu Di Abu Dhabi (2013)- Episode 4

Tells about the intricacies of life of a man named Firdaus (Fahrin Ahmad). Firdaus experiencing family conflict and love. Ain Farohah (Tasha Shila) a woman who slandered cohabitation caught up seclusion in Firdaus. Firdaus and Ain enmeshed with Faiz plan (Shahrizal Jaszle) until both they are driven by Firdaus father, Haji Ilham (Dato Rahim Razali). However, responsible for the Ain Firdaus with married and moved to Abu Dhabi last worked as a senior engineer in a private companies. Fareez (Aiman ​​Hakim Ridza) as brother to Firdaus and Faiz try to reunite their families. Fareez also love Meera (Elyssa) though Meera had his past negative. Actually, Firdaus has first love and engaged to Fatin Zaharah (Fouziah Ghous). Can Firdaus Ain love as he loves Fatin Farohah? Can Fareez reunite their families? Can family reunited Firdaus?

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