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Pada Suatu Cinta Dahulu (2013)

Feeling stressed by environmental Zainal marriage now, bring him back on his past memory. In 18 years, when he was at school Zainal known for his restless when the new form 4. At that time, Zainal has a lover named Nora. Nora naive attitude that makes Zainal getting bored. But since the introduction of Azura, Zainal with a girl who is cute and short, making Zainal increasingly like a straight Azura’s attitude. But things changed when Azura Zainal know chronic diseases. However Zainal would like to continue its relationship with Azura, but the girl disappeared without knowledge Zainal. Coming back to the present, Zainal destined to meet again with Azura, Azura telling the truth that she had posed as students to finish school because of his psychological research. Do Zainal continued their relationship with Azura? Who Zainal choice? All will be answered in the romantic comedy film, ‘Pada Suatu Cinta Dahulu’.

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