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Maharaja Lawak Mega 2012 – Episode 1

You have to determine Osbon Maharajalawak Mega crowned Champions! Now watch the competition was well-known comedian, comedian playing to earn the title of Mega Maharajalawak 2012! We gather comedian-famous comedian in a competition to see who’s the best among the best. Line-comedian comedians consisting of participants from three countries, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Add amazing, every comedian who compete have impressive art portfolio in this area.

Using the concept and format are almost the same as Mega Maharajalawak ago, the fate of the contestants will be judged by a jury scoring system combined fixed and audience votes. Four permanent judges each week, all of which consist of non-background celebrity comedians or comedy actor will be responsible for evaluating the performances of the participants based on predetermined criteria. They will evaluate the participants based on the humor and the element of humor in a presentation, originality, presentation and creativity and talent and acting skills of the most prominent from their own perspective.

Keep your appointment with us! Friday night you definitely noisy, laughing with family. Watch exclusively at Color Astro (Channel 132).


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