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Lawak Ke Der (2012)

Offerings Lawak Ke, Der? held for two hours turned out to entertain the audience. Boboi popular with the characters ‘Datin Maimun’ in MLM turns out to give a great performance that is able to arouse the audience with great hair style and captivating body sway while inserting jokes like diamond rings and handbags luxury brands including poco-poco and aerobic exercise. Then the song ‘Ghost Buster’ who changed the lyrics to ghost stories and oil repellent, played by Harun also a magnet so that the audience may MLM also loyal fans singing along with the group. Emergence of Harith also awaited as he more often appeared in major events and corporate for the first time teamed up with comedian-television comedian openly. Apparently, Harith show that extensive use of the English language is not a barrier to the audience laughing with the jokes he made. Harith tells a lot about the past and present differences in terms of song production, family life and romance. Nabil was, as the host of the evening will appear alternately between comedians he is.

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