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Juvana (2013)

Picking up a few months after the end of the TV drama series “Juvana”, Daim is freed from the juvenile centre after being found not guilty of murdering his mother. He tries to lead a normal life in the outside world, but finds that it is vastly different from life in juvenile prison. Daim begins to attend high school in hopes of finishing his SPM. He also finds a job at the brick factory to support himself. However, in school, he is bullied by the other students and does not have any friends besides Sara. Further, the school guard who knows about his status as an ex-juvenile convict is always watching him. Everything that goes wrong in school is blamed on Daim as well.

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  1. amirul wafeeq

    camner nk download

  2. amirul wafeeq

    camner nk download eh??

  3. Cheq


    Minta izin hendak upload di Viki,

    dengan ini memperkenalkan filem Melayu ke seluruh dunia.

  4. Cheq

    Minta izin hendak upload di Viki

  5. Blah la

    saper yg last tu??

  6. jan.cokie

    Best cangt..thankz admin..
    laju je.sound pon oke..
    yng de mslh sound tu bukk r speakr kuat2.
    yng de mslah tsangkt2 tu..pause r dlu.
    dah siap bru lah tngok..
    nie tak leh dowld ek??
    ingt kn dowld..
    leh tngok ble bson .hehee..

  7. blade

    xleh pown…boleh tgk jap je

  8. Saya pakai broadband sajew dapat tgk dgn best …

  9. Ending

    Pegetua Wira Bakti : Botak !!
    Botak : Eh ! macam mana tuan boleh ada kat sini?
    Pengetua Wira Bakti : Ini bukan cerita juvana ke ?
    Botak : Ini cerita Juvana The Movie la tuan ..

  10. farhan silence II

    nice movie ..