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Juvana (2011) – Episode 12

The story begins when Daim bin Yahya (Zahiril Adzim), an introverted teenager 17 years accused of killing his mother and her boyfriend. Daim was not able to defend themselves and sentencing that he sent to the Reformatory School Wira Bakti (an NGO school) until he is old enough to be tried. Daim horrific episodes began to be bullied by a group of students led by Botak (Johan Ariff). Mr. Raja (Bront Palarae), warden of no mercy queries just let the incident continue. School guard, Tony (Hariry) the use of force to solve the problem only worsens the situation Daim. Ariffin teacher (Beto Khusairy) and Mr Azmee (Irfan Roslan) also took steps over the fence and refused to intervene in the case of student fights.

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