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Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia (2012)- Episode 3

Celebrity Fear Factor Malaysia involving 30 celebrities who make up 15 teams in pairs. Plan 13 episodes will feature two challenges they must then every episode. All participants are required to perform a given challenge. If fear or fail to take themselves, participants will be eliminated! Malaysian celebrity who will succeed in all these challenges? Everything in Malaysia Celebrity Fear Factor! Aaron Aziz continues to spread its wings when given the trust to handle the latest programs and be given a new lease well received by the audience of Celebrity Fear Factor Malaysia who chose Cape Town, South Africa as a destination. General about this program adapted from the program format is quite popular in the United States where the participants will test the mental and physical endurance of participants in each of the challenges faced by the suitability of Malaysian culture. Can the group of 15 celebrities Malaysia option fraught with challenges and obstacles to be passed later? Do not forget to watch the special appearance as the main host Aaron Aziz Celebrity Fear Factor Malaysia on Astro Ria (104) and Mustika HD (134) on December 29, 2012!

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