Category: Malay, Movie
Dua Kalimah (2013)

“2 Kalimah” tells the story of a couple, Aiman and a Malay-English girl Selena, who decide to return to their hometown. The couple have a secret of their own: Aiman is actually still in love with Humaira, thus he does not want want to wed Selena, but due to her pregnancy, is forced to lie to their relatives and friends that they are married. On the way, the couple experience the deaths of three different people, punishment brought upon them by God for their sins while living, which are practicing witchcraft, adultery and disrespect to the elderly. Selena, after witnessing these incidents, is fearful and knows that it is a sign from God telling them to repent. In fact, Selena hopes that Aiman, who is known for his religiousness, will guide her back into the way of the Lord. However, Aiman threatens her when she tells him that she wants to reveal the truth. One day, Aiman falls sick and his movements become more and more limited, until he cannot even pray.

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