ACG-Tube has the innovative ability to integrate marketing and advertising messages into its comprehensive content. The result is a targeted and effective campaign on one of the most highly visited sites in Malaysia.

The web is an exciting way for advertisers to target their message and immediately interact with potential customers. An advertiser’s message on ACG-Tube serves as a gateway to further information about their product or service and also provides a link to their company’s Web site. Our goal is to provide maximum impact for the advertiser’s dollar. Ads are placed strategically within our editorial content to maximize reach.

Ad Types:

Expandable Mid Page
Mid Page
Expandable Medium Rectangular
Medium Rectangular
Expandable Large Rectangular
Large Rectangular
Expandable Skyscraper
Tile banner
And more.
For more details please email to [email protected]  .

Why You Need to Advertise With Us:

* Traffic that does not cease go to this website
* Movie will updated every time there is a new movie
* The website is great in terms of SEO and also have intimate at Google
* Traffic coming into this blog comes from the results of lookups namely SEO and social networks like Facebook
* The price we provide is very cheap and will be cheaper if you take the entire period of time

Statistic for June 2013 :



June Analytics


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